Explore the Rich Lands of Buenos Aires and Mendoza

Buenos Aires is a big city, and eight hours are not enough to see all of it! Heaven on Earth Vacations offers a unique travel itinerary to help you get the most out of your Buenos Aires and Mendoza trip. Browse through our itinerary to learn more.

Welcome to Buenos Aires

Day One

  • Transfer from Ezeiza airport (EZE) to the hotel in Recoleta
  • Walking tour of the Recoleta neighborhood
  • Lunch at El San Juanino Restaurant
  • Stroll through the Recoleta cemetery
  • Free evening, get to bed early, tomorrow your tour begins

The Walking Tour will take you through one of the most chic areas of Buenos Aires, meant to familiarize you with the neighborhood in which you’ll be staying. The tour will also include a stroll through the Recoleta cemetery, a place rich with sculpture and architecture that makes it seem like a museum.

Day Two

  • Enjoy breakfast, provided everyday during your stay at the hotel
  • Pick up from hotel, to commence a full day City Tour (pick up is at 9:00 AM)
  • Lunch at traditional Argentine steakhouse, known locally as a parillada
  • At conclusion of day tour, back to the hotel
  • 9:00 PM, pick up at the hotel for dinner and the Feeling Tango Tour

The City Tour will include such must-see sights as La Boca, and its picturesque Caminito, a downtown excursion including the Casa Rosada and Plaza de Mayo, the old San Telmo and ultra-modern Puerto Madero. Our tour will leave you with the feeling of having experienced a real perspective of the city of Buenos Aires.

The Feeling Tango Tour will take you to two tango clubs, known as Milongas, to showcase the Argentine dance that started in the city’s barrios but has been elevated to an art form, one that remains a major part of the Argentine culture.

Accompanying you will be two professional dancers serving as your guides while you get together with the locals and experience not a choreographed performance on stage, but a gathering in a relaxed, intimate setting where you can watch, and dance if you wish, the Tango.

This tour includes a lesson in Tango. Our guides will be there to show you the dance and explain each gesture, movement, and code.

Day Three (Estancia Tour)

  • Pick up from the hotel to San Antonio de Areco
  • Short visit in San Antonio de Areco and the Pampas, its endless prairies
  • Lunch at an estancia, typical of a ranch in rural Argentina
  • Horseback or carriage riding through the Pampas
  • Enjoy an authentic folkloric dance show
  • Back to Hotel in Buenos Aires for an evening of leisure

In this excursion to rural Argentina, we will visit the small town of San Antonio de Areco, where you can experience the infinite expanse of prairies, known as the Pampas, where the country’s wealth was made. We will then lunch at an Estancia, a typical Argentine ranch, where gauchos will be waiting to share empanadas, barbecue, and wine. Although the trip is private, the time at the ranch will be shared with other people.

Day Four – Tigre Delta Tour

  • Pick up from the hotel, one hour drive through the north suburbs of Buenos Aires
  • Stop at San Isidro, an exclusive area just outside Buenos Aires
  • Walking tour of the city of Tigre, including the traditional market Puerto de Frutos
  • A one-hour motorboat tour of the Tigre delta
  • Home-made lunch at a local country farmhouse
  • Relaxing lunch along the river’s edge, and return ride on the motorboat to Tigre
  • Transport back to the hotel in Buenos Aires
  • In the evening, outing to a Tango show, a choreographed, on-stage dinner theater show

The Tigre Delta tour will take you on a journey to an island in the Tigre Delta, at the mouth of the river Parana, away from the usual tourist circuits of the area. At San Isidro, you can admire the mansions of the wealthiest class of Portenos, dating back to the early 20th century.

In the City of Tigre, you can walk through the Puerto de Frutos market, featuring leather goods, baskets and wicker furniture, among other artisanal goods. During the motorboat ride, you will learn about the local inhabitants and their various floating services, including supermarket boats, firemen boats, and public bus boats, among others.

Experience the life of the locals at the country farmhouse, where you will dine on exquisite homemade fare paired with premium Argentine wines.

Day Five - Day of Leisure 

A day dedicated to wandering and exploring the great city of Buenos Aires and its many hidden gems. This day will allow you to see some of the many parks, museums, and attractions not included in the tour, at your own pace, and to your own liking. Our tour guide will be available to you to suggest any places you may want to visit.

Day Six - Colonia del Sacramento Tour

  • Pick up at the hotel, transport to the ferry terminal
  • One-hour crossing of the Rio de la Plata to Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay
  • Four-hour tour of the oldest city in Uruguay, including the historical quarter and coastline
  • Return crossing of the Rio de la Plata to Buenos Aires
  • In the evening, a farewell dinner to Buenos Aires

Just a one-hour ferry crossing away from Buenos Aires lies Colonia del Sacramento, the oldest city in Uruguay and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The town’s historic features and small size provide a great contrast to the large metropolis of Buenos Aires, and showcases Uruguay as the “South American Switzerland.”

Day Seven

After breakfast, your guide will transport you to Jorge Newbery Airfield (AEP, known locally as Aeroparque) for your flight to Mendoza.

Welcome to Mendoza

Day One 

  • Pick up from the airport (MDZ), transport to hotel in Chacras de Coria
  • Lunch in downtown Mendoza
  • Back to hotel for relaxation in the beautiful natural surroundings
  • An evening at Atardecer en Septima

Upon arrival in Mendoza, you will be taken to the satellite town of Chacras de Coria, a quaint and charming town filled with natural beauty and an amazing view of the Andes foothills. Lunch will provide with a delicious multi-course meal, featuring traditional Argentine empanadas, homemade pasta, and delicious desserts paired with the perfect wines.

In the evening, you will enjoy a unique winery experience at Atardecer en Septima, where you can take in the amazing views of the Andes Mountains, enjoy wine and appetizer style food, and watch the sunset, accompanied by live jazz music.

Day Two – Termas de Cacheuta

Enjoy breakfast, provided every day during your stay at the hotel, which includes homemade pastries, jellies, bread, fruits, any type of eggs, and other selections including coffee, tea, and juices. Afterward, spend the day pampering yourself at Termas de Cacheuta, a thermal spa featuring natural hot springs, cool pools, and steam rooms.

Here you will be able to relax and rejuvenate, absorbing not only the natural minerals of the Andes but also the unbelievable views. You will be able to enjoy a luxurious massage, aromatherapy, and mud treatment. On this day you will enjoy a criollo lunch, and in the evening you will enjoy a relaxing dinner of fine dining in the city of Mendoza, followed by a night on the town.

Day Three

  • Pick up at hotel, tour of the city of Mendoza
  • Lunch at Azafran
  • In the evening, an asado dinner at the hotel in Chacras de Coria

Tour the city of Mendoza and see some of the most beautiful features of the city, including plazas and the immense Parque San Martin, wide streets, and pedestrian mall. In the evening, enjoy a glass of wine, followed by empanadas and typical Mendoza asado dinner, including salads, vegetables, and dessert.

Day Four – Valle de Uco

  • Pick up at hotel, transport to a vineyard in the Valle de Uco
  • Horseback riding through the vineyard at Valle de Uco
  • Lunch at a winery in Tunuyan
  • Transport to a Turkish hammam and spa in the evening
  • Gourmet dinner at the spa

Begin the day with a short tour of an immense vineyard, with some spectacular man made fishing lakes, dozens of varieties of trees, and the majestic mountain background. After this short tour, hop on horses and ride across the property to the winery, where you can bask in the earthy tones of their wine before moving on for lunch.

After the wineries, enjoy an early evening at a six stage circuit spa, and relish in a variety of Vinotherapy treatments which connect spa goers with the surrounding vineyard, such as grape seed exfoliation or a grape extract wine bath, as well as more traditional massages using a selection of natural oils. Enjoy a light dinner while you are there.

Day Five

  • Breakfast and a relaxing morning
  • Lunch at a nearby tea house
  • Visit at Ayllu, a local artisanal market in Chacras de Coria
  • Transport to the downtown area of the city of Mendoza for a shopping excursion
  • Closed door dinner with Chef Martin

After breakfast and a relaxing morning, enjoy a delicious and light lunch at a nearby Tea House. After lunch, visit the Ayllu artisanal market, located in Chacras de Coria. Afterward, there will be time to enjoy the downtown area of the city of Mendoza for whatever shopping or sightseeing you want to do. For dinner, allow Chef Martin to create an intimate experience with impeccable plates and Mendoza’s finest wine.

Day Six

  • Transport to Renacer, a winery focusing on Malbecs
  • Move on to Cruzat, concentrating on sparkling wines
  • Gourmet picnic lunch on International Highway 7, at the Ojo de Agua winery
  • In the evening, a farewell to Mendoza dinner at Aristides Villanueva

Begin the day at Renacer, Spanish for “to be reborn,” which symbolizes the Chilean owner’s rebirth in the Argentine wine industry. Experience a wine blending game, where you can taste modern, new world Malbecs and try your hand at blending to find your ideal wine.

At Cruzat, a winery specializing in sparkling wines, you can experience a tank tasting, which contain the sparkling wines and yield several different styles. At Ojo de Agua, high quality organic wines are combined with fresh produce to create a unique delicious picnic lunch in a beautiful outdoor space.

In the evening, enjoy a wonderful conclusion to your Mendoza tour with dinner at Aristides Villanueva, a 10 block stretch featuring restaurants and nightlife.

Day Seven

Your guide will pick you up from the hotel for lunch at a five-star restaurant. After lunch, your transport will take you to the airport at Mendoza for your flights back to the USA.

Our tour estimate price is $4,915 per person. Prices are subject to change. Airfare not included.

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